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We are thrilled to welcome you to one of South India's leading eco-friendly manufacturers, where we offer a diverse range of WPC products designed to enhance your spaces with a touch of sustainability and durability. Our collection is thoughtfully designed to combine strength and beauty, making it the perfect choice for a greener future.

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One of South India's leading eco-friendly Manufacturers

Looking for the best eco-friendly building materials in Hyderabad?

You've found the right place. SV Eco Industries is your one-stop solution for all Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) needs in Hyderabad. With our wide range of WPC products, SV Eco Industries is a leading name in the industry, known for quality and sustainability. Our general product offerings include WPC wall cladding designed to add durability and style to your spaces. We also provide WPC sheets, partitions, and railing systems that are perfect for both residential and commercial projects.

Our expertise in WPC extends to customized solutions for a variety of applications, including outdoor furniture and home decor. We use advanced technology and eco-friendly materials to create products that are strong, weather-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. SV Eco Industries' WPC products are also recognized for their sustainability. We focus on using recycled materials and reducing waste, offering a range of products that are as environmentally conscious as they are functional. Our specializations include customized WPC solutions, product design, and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Trust SV Eco Industries for all your WPC needs and experience the perfect blend of style, sustainability, and innovation in every product we offer.


Door Frames

Step into a world of durability and elegance with our exceptional collection of door frames. We understand the importance of both security and aesthetics in your living space, and our door frames are meticulously crafted to elevate both aspects seamlessly.

Available colors:


Step into a world of strength and sophistication with our premier collection of window frames. We recognize the significance of natural light and ventilation in your living environment, and our window frames are thoughtfully designed to enhance both functionality and aesthetics effortlessly.

Available colors:

WPC Sheet

Step into a world of resilience and beauty with our exclusive collection of WPC sheets. We know that the exterior of your building sets the tone for everything within, and our sheets are engineered to combine durability and visual appeal, ensuring a lasting and attractive impression.

Available colors:




Designed to resist fire, providing an added layer of safety and peace of mind.



Engineered to repel moisture, ensuring durability even in wet conditions.



Constructed to dampen noise, creating a quieter and more serene environment.



Built to withstand termite damage, guaranteeing long-lasting protection.

Home Decor

We know that your living spaces deserve more than just the basics. Our home decor products embody the perfect combination of form and functionality, a harmonious blend of classic elegance and the beauty of both nature and urban design.

Every piece in our Frames collection adds a touch of sophistication and elegance, reflecting the essence of your unique style. Your home is your canvas, and we're here to provide you with the colors and brushes to paint your masterpiece.

At every step of this journey, we understand that your space is a reflection of your emotions, aspirations, and daily life. We're not just here to sell products; we're here to enrich your life, one space at a time.

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Here's what our customers have to say about their experiences:


Whether it is product quality or after-sales service, SV Eco has shown a very professional level, and our cooperation is very pleasant.


We had a great communication during the delivery and hopefully the next shipment will go as planned and the wpc wall panel looks great so I'm looking forward to installing it.


In the past few days, many suppliers from Telangana have contacted us, but I have rejected them all, because only your product quality meets my requirements.


Great quality and service. Was a nice experience overall.

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